Los Caminitos Homeowners Association


A community with the scale and organization to allow individual participation

while avoiding formality or intrusiveness


Los Caminitos has a tradition of respecting the privacy that our members cherish while conducting Association business in an open, straightforward way. Quarterly Board of Directors meetings are announced well in advance, and open to all. In addition to the information shared via the website, member forum and monthly emails, year-end committee reports and financial updates are given at the Annual Meeting in August. This is also when three directors are elected to the nine-member Board, and other major decisions are made. Members can participate, or not, at the various meetings and/or occasional social events, which are typically held at the Association's clubhouse and pool.


Lot owners pay an annual fee, currently $3,000, to maintain our private roads, entry, clubhouse, swimming pool and tennis courts.


The Association is organized according to bylaws, and governed by covenants which have been approved in writing by more than 80% of all lots in the subdivision.