In case of Emergency, dial 911


Los Caminitos Fire/Emergency Evacuation Procedures:


The following procedures are written specifically in case of a fire threatening the Los Caminitos community and/or any situation which causes the mandatory evacuation of the community by local authorities.


If you spot a fire: call: 911, or call: National Forestry Service Dispatch at 438-5600


Provide your name, phone number, your current location, and the location of the smoke or fire. Do not hang up until directed to do so by the Dispatcher.


For non-emergency fire situation information: call: Santa Fe Dispatch at 428-3730 or 1-800-742-1144 or call: National Forestry Service at 438-5300 or call: Fire Information Hotline at 1-877-971-FIRE. These agencies can provide you with the status of existing fires in the area and tell you whether or not evacuation procedures are in effect.